Welcome to Transformation for healthy living: Live in Your Greatness!

You will learn strategies to create Inner wealth in children, to create communities (families and classrooms) to foster and encourage passionate and powerful relationships, empowering children to follow a path in productive ways to ensure successful relationships. Successful relationships will be the foundation of the lives of the children you influence to build a bright future. Your children, and your relationships, will be wrapped in a sense of belonging which fosters motivation and hope. 

To offer strategies through this focused methodology, you can choose private and/or group trainings. The Nurtured Heart Approach (R) is intended for parents, educators, therapists, and others who work with children. After learning this approach, children with high intensity, active minds and bodies, will thrive in a relationship with you.

where focused, intentional energy will be experienced by your child, so that your child feels inner strength to aim to please you and him/herself!

where the choice of words, flowing from your heart, is the most fabulous activity of the day!

where the choice of words floating and waiting to be brought from your thoughts will brighten your moments! Pick me!  Pick me! 

where the choice of words in your conversations will enlighten the moments of others! Smile!  Reflect!  I am!

where you build the qualities of behavior, attention and trust that your child will demonstrate for you and others in relationship; where the choice of words will tell your children who they are! I am!

where the choice of words you write will bring out courage, safety, and trust to confirm who you are and who others are!

Motivating! contagious! fun! and healthy for you, for me, and for everyone you meet!

You will fall in love with this methodology and crave to develop it to become a way of life to live in your greatness! It is way more than words …